The Revamp

This year has been a test to say the least. A test of faith, work ethic, hustle, plus, much more. If anything, it was survival of the fittest. I found peace in letting go of things that no longer served a purpose in my life or business. I was able to channel a different element when it came to my styling creativity, which leaves me to believe that when you stay focused and consistent the possibilities become endless. My vision got clearer, really on some 20/20 shit. Things have not been easy, but here I am. Here you are. With the transition of the new year approaching, I am hopeful that I will continue to blossom more and tap into a deeper level of this fashion industry. I want to leave a staple when it comes to my brand in a way that people will look back and say, she did it her way and that’s what made it UNSCRIPTED.

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