The Limit of the Sky

Skydive Spaceland Houston

Talk about taking your breath away! That’s exactly what this experience felt like. A breath of fresh air! There has always been a plethora of things that I have listed on my bucket list, but this one takes the cake thus far! For the past 6 months before this, life has been hitting me hard in many different ways to where everything was beginning to become overwhelming. I started procrastinating, losing motivation, becoming fearful of what’s to come, and then it hit me. FEAR. Fear was and is always the only thing that holds me back from my true potential. Fear of failure, fear of wrong relationships/friendships, fear of the future, just a bunch of feelings that I shouldn’t be harboring. When skydiving first came to my mind it was always just something I took lightly until the day finally came for me to do it. Again, what was blocking me? FEAR. I mean you are taking a gamble with your life at this point lmao. Will Smith once said, “the point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear”. My interpretation of that is that we tend to put fear in our minds wayyy before we even attempt to conquer the task that we set out to do. It’s like as people, we psych ourselves out from living up to our greatest prime in anything that we do. However, once you conquer that fear it’s like the ultimate reward to yourself, everything becomes such a BLISS. One thing I’m beginning to fall in love with is the process. It goes hand in hand with me now. Don’t rush the process, trust the process. If I would’ve tried to rush this moment I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. Every second that I was in the sky as a reminder of how precious and beautiful life is and how we gotta embrace it no matter what… 

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