Summer is Here!

Now that the weather is warming up and we are all getting back to our usual “norm” of living, how is your closet looking? What do you look for when your shopping for your Summertime favorites? I know for me, a pop of color, patterns, and anything that deals with shorts and a crop top is always my go-to. If you’re from Houston, then you definitely know what I mean when I say, when it comes to selecting the right Summer outfit: LESS IS BEST! The heat can be a blessing and a curse for us Southerners. Grabbing this ice cream cone was for sure the highlight of my cool-down treat of the day. This Summer, incorporating floral patterns is definitely a trend to utilize. For one, floral prints never go out of style and they become even bolder with any bright solid color. I used to shy away from the color yellow because I always thought it was too hard to pair for an outfit or too “loud” of a color per se. However, it’s definitely grown on me due to its illuminating vibration once your outfit is paired together. You can create a more dynamic look by doing a little color blocking as well. Contrasting the yellow will allow the look to become more eye-catching, which we all want, don’t we? The great thing about pairing a vibrant color with a floral print is that you don’t have to do too much because the combination is already doing enough for you. So for all of my fashionistas, stay masked and stay BOLD!

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