Rediscovering the Possibilities

Photographer: @shotbytony_


Another year, another year for progression. I’m sure last year gave us all a run for our money..LITERALLY. But, in the mist of chaos you can be rest assured that better days are to come. I feel really good about 2021, like my intuition is telling me that new barriers will be broken, opportunities will be unleashed, and new foundations will be set. I hope we all challenge ourselves this year in different areas of our lives. For me, I feel like I owe it to myself to become everything I said I will be. I don’t want to harbor old emotions that no longer serve purpose in my life, yet use them to fuel the real fire that burns inside of me. It is my hope that we will utilize our minds to reclaim the possibilities for 2021. Let the hope that we might’ve lost last year be replenished by nothing but greatness this year!