Halftime Checkpoint

Photographer: @shotbytony_ (IG)

It seems like every time you look up the clock gets faster and faster and before you know it…BOOM! We’re halfway through this year. I took some time to really soul search within myself of what I wanted, where I envision my brand, and who I am as a businesswoman. Sometimes we find ourselves in this space of uncertainty or feeling like we’ve run out of time to meet our goals. However, when you learn to fall in love with the process, things seem to naturally formulate on their own. When you begin to look at your energy as the currency instead of the worldly monetary view of things, you welcome the energy of creating the things you actually want. Our mind has a way of playing tricks on us, which causes many entrepreneurs to feel like they have no idea of what their true purpose is. The gag is, everything you need and is already in you. Just as time shifts, so do we, some days we may have it all together, and some days it all may seem like a blur, but either way, it’s the constant effort of SHOWING UP that sets the tone. Create a safe space for yourself for these next 6 months, remove the doubt, apply the dedication to whatever your heart desires, and watch how the fruits of your labor blossom. I’m still learning to be present in the present moment and not confusing productivity with overload. The experience is the best part of life, what will your story tell…?